There is no single answer for a startup to be successful. There can be many factors that ultimately contribute for the success of the startup. But the behavior of the founder plays a crucial role in the overall performance of the startup. In this article we will try to give you the required traits of the startup founder.

The first trait is VISION. There should be a clear vision about the business, founder is getting himself involved into. RESOURCEFULNESS is another important trait. It means the ability to find quick and productive solutions to difficult problems. COMMUNICATION is the next in the trait list. How effective the founder is to convey his intentions with the rest of the team is very important. Then there is the FOCUS aspect. Focus means how a founder is able to multi-task and perform all the tasks optimally and accurately.

Other than these fundamental traits there are some really important aspects to being the best founder. LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT SKILLS is the first in this list. Leadership deals with guiding, motivating and inspiring your team members. Management skill involves the way you handle and manage tasks involving the whole team of the company. Then comes the GRIT aspect. Grit basically means ‘getting tasks done.’ Initially when you start building your company some tasks need to be done with personal attention. You can’t ignore these tasks. Resolving these issues with courage is really important

We would end this article with the last but not least trait a founder must possess which is PATIENCE & RESILIENCE. An impatient man can’t perform even a single task accurately. A founder must understand that building a startup takes time. You can't create a D-MART in a few days. It will take years to turn your startup profitable. Gaining an additional market share is the toughest task a startup must confront. Then you have to establish your brand name in the market. All of this consumes time. In short, only a patient & resilient entrepreneur can survive the startup challenges.

A founder evolves along with his startup. There are some unique traits relevant to some business magnates in real life. Berkshire Hathaway founder Warren Buffet is a research guru. He reads for 10-15 hours daily and also manages to save time playing Bridge game with his mates. Former Tata Sons Chairman, Ratan Tata is revered for his commitment quality. Once he commits to do a certain task, he gives his life and soul for performing the task. Apple Co-founder, Steve Jobs had commendable marketing skills. He would turn the whole crowd in his favor. Jobs valued perfection and he knew what the consumer really wanted. CRED founder, Kunal Shah’s understanding about human psychology has helped Shah ascertain his target audience.

Taking forward all the great lessons and resisting all your failures will ultimately help you achieve many milestones in the startup building journey. Remember that every great startup founder is recognized and praised for their end accomplishments. Let us end this topic with an important proverb, ‘the journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step.’

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