PITCH DECK fundamentally is a communication tool used by entrepreneurs to reach out to potential investors. It is a presentation articulating the idea behind starting a startup. The objective of preparing a pitch deck is to succinctly explain to the investor that the startup idea is viable and investment worthy. 

So what is the content included in a pitch deck which will help you close a fundraising deal with potential investors is a big question. A pitch deck must be concise, easy to understand, informative, appealing and trustable. Practically speaking there are two kinds of pitch deck. Email deck and presentation deck. An Email Deck is also called ‘Handout Pitch Deck.’ It is the one that is emailed to investors. As it lacks personal contact with the founder, this deck usually contains more words to support the explanation. A Presentation Deck version is based on personally delivering a pitch by an entrepreneur. This deck is an aesthetical presentation aided by high-level slides with few words and many images. 

According to a study by Docsend, the length of an average pitch deck is 19.2 pages and the average time spent by an investor on reading a pitch deck is 3 minutes 44 seconds. So make sure you prepare a persuasive pitch deck because it is not easy to raise funds. Hundreds of entrepreneurs fail to satisfy the investors while pitching. This is an ongoing predicament in this booming startup environment. 

So what are the contents to be included in a pitch deck to make it appealing and trustworthy?

The deck must intelligently include the purpose, problem, its solution & why now. After this introduction the entrepreneur can speak about the competition and traction. The deck must introduce the team and in the end how much is the ‘ask.’

 A successful pitching can be a dream come true moment for many ambitious entrepreneurs. Reading this blog you might have got a subjective idea about a pitch deck. To experience the struggles that an entrepreneur goes through in the initial phases before building a startup, designing a pitch deck and for getting an appointment with an investor we have a web series recommendation for you. This interesting series is TVF Pitchers. The link to watch the series is also given below.

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